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Doosheh Amol Dairy Products Company

Doosheh Amol Dairy Products Company with Haraz commercial brands located in Amol Industrial Town started its activity in August 2006.
With hard work and having experienced managers and employees, and using new technologies in the dairy industry, we were able to secure a significant share of the country’s dairy market in a short period of time.
In less than 5 years, Haraz has succeeded in creating employment for more than 830 people and today the number of its direct employees is more than 1800 people.
Creating innovation through the efforts of creative and experienced human resources, as well as through updating organizational systems and production technology, is Haraz’s permanent mission.

 The implementation of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO 10002, etc., and at the highest level, is a confirmation of the continued production of health-oriented and quality products of this organization.

  • Compliance with consumer rights
  • The selected country’s green industry by the Environmental Protection Organization
  • Best National exporter
  • Manufacturer of useful products and received the Sib Salamat badge
  • Superior Standard unit
  • Top quality unit from the Food and Drug Organization
  • Top national producer
  • Exemplary entrepreneur and honored by the ministries of industry, mining, and trade

It shows the constant emphasis on the basic principles of sustainable employment and the health of consumers and the preservation of the environment. Constantly supporting charitable institutions and foundations and carrying out public works, supporting athletes and building sports facilities, and constantly supporting the community of artists and artistic activity, is only a small part of the organization’s efforts in realizing social responsibility.

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