Doogh is a product obtained by diluting yogurt with water. Its color should be white to milky white and have a pleasant and unique taste and no foreign taste or smell. Edible aromatic plants such as mint, oregano, angelica or their natural essence can also be used in doogh formulations. Nowadays, due to the increase in people’s awareness of the dangers of consuming carbonated soft drinks, the desire to consume natural soft drinks, including doogh, is increasing.

According to the production process, doogh is divided into two general types: non-carbonated doogh and carbonated doogh.

A note about heated treated doogh:

The word “heated” that appears on the bottle of some industrial doogh these days means that this product is heated after production to increase its shelf life and prevent gas production.

doogh is a source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, water, potassium and contains vitamins D and group B.

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