Cream & Clotted cream

Cream is the part of milk that is separated from milk by creaming, and its fat percentage varies depending on the type of consumption. Its color should be white or creamy white, it should have the natural taste and smell of fresh cream, and it should be free of any unpleasant smell and taste.

Cream with different percentages of fat (low-fat, semi-fat, fat and full-fat) with simple and flavorful flavors such as honey, dates, etc. is produced with two methods of pasteurization and heat treatment. The amount of soluble vitamins in fat, such as vitamins A, E, K and D in cream, is high.

Pasteurized cream:

It is a cream that has been pasteurized by one of the heat methods known in the milk industry.

Ultra-heat Cream or UHT Cream:

It is a cream that has been sanitized and packaged in sterile conditions through a high-temperature heat process or ultra

Clotted cream:

It is a product that is obtained from the gradual accumulation of pasteurized and unhomogenized milk fat due to gradual heating and cooling on the surface of the milk. In fact, clotted cream is a kind of spontaneous creaming.

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